People have realised that modernization with changing lifestyles; eating habits; work culture; environmental changes and associated ailments or needs make their life miserable. The most reassuring fact about today's life is that, though after a fifty-year-long slumber, people are going back to nature. Natural foods (Salad, fruits & vegetarian diet), natural cosmetics, natural therapies, etc.

    Polyguard Drugs (P) Ltd. is to provide standardized, researched base herbal patent healthcare products with enhance endeavour by Polyguard Laboratories, one of the finest Culture labs in India, along with a sophisticated R&D Centre and a robust infrastructure, has always relied on nature to make good whatever mankind has lost in modernization.
    Polyguard's vision is to grow into a global Bioscience with herbal patent products and every step is taken towards enhancing to put back the Quality of life.

There are many chronic diseases where allopath surrenders to cure

             Problems  &  Solutions without any side effects:

  • Arthritis (Rheumatoid & Osteo)   

  • Kidney stone (without surgery)

  • Male infertility -Less sperm count, Erectile
               dysfunction, Premature ejaculation &  Loss of libido

  • Chronic Constipation & Piles (without surgery) 

  • Irregular women cycle & Leucorrhoea

  • Lack of immunity

  • Diabetes supportive therapy & covers complication

  • Liver protection 

  • Loss of appetite ,constipation & Indigestion 

  • Relieve Cough without drowsiness

  • Backache, Joint pain & sprain

  • Marks, Chloasma & Post delivery stretch marks

  • Need of perfect Antioxidant with multivitamin & Minerals

  • Increase demand of Iron & folic acid

  • Osteoporosis

                    Quality of life mainly depends upon Healthcare and personal hygiene.
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